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Taylor Chapel: Live!

11:00 AM

New Wave Wednesday

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1001 Cool Jokes

8:00 PM

My Dinner With...

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Simply Iconic

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New Wave Wednesday

Wednesday Shows

New Wave Wednesdays

Have you ever wondered where your favorite bands got their inspiration from? Look no further, New Wave Wednesday is the place to be. Listen to the music that made our music what it is today. Listen in for some new wave '80s on Wednesdays at 11 PM, 2 PM, and 10 PM.

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1001 Cool Jokes

1001 Cool Jokes. Enough said, this show has content that could last for forever. Join Luke for comedic analysis every Wednesday @ 7PM.

My Dinner With...

This show is a ripoff. Or is it pure genius? Featuring long-time WTUR veteran, Peter Williams, My Dinner With is a journey into deep dinner talk with strangers, friends, lovers, and more. Eat Dinner with Peter on Wednesdays @ 8PM.

Simply Iconic

Listen to the show that has been iconic from the start.